Our Year-end Ministry Report 2019 Live from Kisumu!

2019 Kisumu December Trip Letter to Sponsors

2019 Annual Letter from Paul Miles – Live from Kisumu, Kenya

Greetings to all our friends and supporters back in Canada. I am currently in Kisumu, Kenya visiting our school and partners here on the ground as well as Pastor Jasper of the Kondele Deliverance Church – the church we helped him plant and grow.  We have known each other for 14 years and I believe him to be a man of vision, high integrity and incredible perseverance.  He has accomplished some amazing things here and I feel very privileged to be associated with him.  He has never asked us for any money and has been a faithful partner, assisting with our orphan ministry here.  He wants the nationals to raise themselves up to be self-sustainable and productive.  Of course, that comes with many challenges that are not familiar to us back home.  He is the major driver of our schedule and the chicken farms.

As you know the church here has taken over the responsibility of paying all the operating costs for our primary school. They have done well in this process and we come along side when needed.

Even before this opportunity for me to return to Africa arose, Pastor Jasper had already begun a new business venture.  He has a separate, secure property and has begun a chicken farm with the guidance from a local chicken farmer whom he knew.  I purchased him another 400 chicks, as well as some different feeds which will be delivered to them today at the new site. This is a very exciting venture, that will make such a significant difference both short and long term, for these disadvantaged children.

The chicks are purchased and mature within six months.  Here is the business plan:you have 1,000 chicks who mature within six months,

  • half are sold to the local markets, half are kept for laying eggs,
  • each egg can be sold or used to produce more chicks,
  • the amount of the costs for the chicken reduces after three months and they begin to wander on the property feeding themselves and maturing.
  • we can buy new chicks in the inception and our goal is 5,000 chicks,
  • at this point or earlier we will not need to buy any more chicks thereby reducing our operating cost, making our gross profit higher,
  • our profits will be put back into the school and we believe the profits will entirely support the operating costs of the school, as we build up our student body. Our goal is to have 1,000 students with the costs 100% supported by this business venture!
  • other profits could go towards any future ventures and will be totally self-sustainable.

Another opportunity we have is to obtain education curriculum that can assist in teaching English to the kids.  With this program, they could start speaking and understanding English within three months and it expands into math and sciences.  This would be in addition to their regular school work at a cost of approximately $30. per child for the year.

We will post videos of our new Chicken program as well as pictures from this trip.  Other interviews will also be posted over time so don’t forget the check us out at www.fathersheartprojects.org and tell your family and friends!


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We know that when we approach and ask His will, He hears us. (1 John 5:14-15)

We need your prayers for Pastor’s Jasper and Tobias and their families as they lead in Kenya, the sponsored children and widows, the teachers, cooks, and students at the primary school, the governments in Kisumu and Kenya, for peace between warring tribes, and for more opportunities for Father’s Heart Projects to establish God’s ministry in other areas in Africa.

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Father’s Heart Projects Has A Mission Trip Planned for November 2019!

Can you help?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADear Valued Supporters and Friends:

Jackie and I wanted you to know that an opportunity has come up and we are hoping to travel to our ministry area in Kenya on November 26th, 2019.

We will be visiting our school, our children, and training leaders at a one-week conference for pastors, leaders and married couples. We will also be conducting outdoor evangelical festivals in three different towns and working with the local churches for discipling new believers and providing teaching materials for local churches. Approximately 500 people are expected to attend this conference and we are both humbled and excited to share what God lays on our hearts.

We will also be visiting a local organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, which is overseen by a local pastor.  At this point, they only have shovels and manual labour to produce the bags of organic fertilizer to sell in the open markets. The value of this opportunity is to create employment for people and elevate them out of poverty to a “middle class” situation by providing small business opportunities, therefore enabling disadvantaged people to support themselves and their families.  Our hope is that we can raise the funds to purchase the equipment which will enable them to produce an increased amount of product, as well as employing additional workers.  We estimate we can employ 30-35 people and profits will be directed back in to support our ministry and other potential business opportunities, such as green houses and fish farms.  

By providing the financial assistance needed to propel these individuals into self-sustainability within their business, these underprivileged people will have the tools to become self-supporting for their families, which will in turn, have a positive outcome on their community as a whole.  Our new model will potentially create a middle class who will gratefully move forward to a sustainable lasting future.

Our goal is to raise at least $74,226.  This will cover the cost of our trip (travel, accommodations, vehicle support, medical and ministry expenses totalling $9,976., and $64,250., for the Organic Fertilizer Production Ministry initiative, which includes production equipment, organic compounds and three months’ production costs.

Would you consider financially supporting myself and Jackie, for this upcoming mission trip, assisting with expenses and making our new development program a success?

Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and support, enabling us to provide hope – in many cases – to the hopeless.

Paul Miles, President and Founder

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