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Our Past History

We began our journey in 2005 while on a missions trip to Kenya.
It wasn’t difficult to see the need for children in poverty.
Many children do not attend school because their family cannot afford school fees nor uniforms.
Poverty will become their circle of life if these basic needs are not met.
The present classrooms often have 80 children with one teacher.

Primary School 30

Primary School Initiatives

Past Primary School History:

• Our first school was comprised of three classrooms and an office.
• Our Second School was built to accommodate up to 500 children.
• Our school has one teacher plus a teacher’s aide to a maximum of 40 students
• We now have a soccer field.
• Cooking facility.
• Limited sports equipment.
• Outdoor gardens for the students to tend and use for their families needs.
• Outdoor washrooms for boys and girls.
• Limited running water for cooking.

A Poverty Solution for Kenyan Children

Helping Disadvantaged Children by a Sustainable Solution – HOW?

By providing:
• Suppling school uniforms and footwear.
• Text books and school supplies.
• Medical assistance.
• Daily meals.
• Safe living environments.

MedFacility 06

Providing Hope for Disadvantaged Children

• Since our beginning in 2005 we have been helping disadvantaged children by providing    sustainable educational solutions and poverty relief.
• Our classrooms provide adequate space where students are educated from                            kindergarten through to grade eight.
• Our scholastic achievements are rated in the top five in our district.
• Our home environment solution provides a safe place to live.
• Our teachers engage in sports and play time with the students.
• Our medical camps have helped over 3,000 adults and children.

Children Support

• Student uniform socks & shoes & undergarments – $26 each.
   (2 school uniforms per year)
• School supplies: text books, stationary & pencils – $6 per month.
• Monthly student support: $22 per month.
• Backpacks: $12 each.
• Most urgent need: school construction and medical care.
• Operational costs support.
• Orphan support: $40 per month.