“True religion is to look after the orphans and widows in distress”

James 1:27

Paul, his wife Jackie, and his daughter Ashley, were part of a mission trip from Centre Street Church in 2005, travelling throughout Kenya and Tanzania, the most unexpected thought came to Paul during his morning devotions.

He came to James 1:27, where it states “True religion is to look after the orphans and widows in distress”.  From that moment forward it became clear to them that something must be done to help the orphaned and disadvantaged children in Kisumu, Kenya.

It simply began with a thought and a prayer at the time, and suddenly began to take shape.  Before they knew it, they had leased a property in Kisumu, Kenya, hired their first national staff member, and through friends, relatives and by word of mouth, they had a live website.

One of the first things they discovered is that in any third-world country, integrity comes before talent.  They have found these necessary characteristics abundantly present in both Tobias and Pastor Jasper.

Tobias is our new local leader in Kisumu who had seven years prior experience working with another international child sponsorship program, began to qualify the orphaned and under-privileged children to potentially become supported by sponsors in Western Canada. Pastor Jasper began a new church with 19 people on their first school and office property, were they built three Primary School classrooms.  They soon outgrew the new school facility, and the new church grew exceedingly quickly, seating 1,000 people per service, with multiple services.

The new Primary School compound construction began in 2009, and would be comprised of kindergarten to grade eight.  They kept building additional classrooms as finances were generously provided by partners and supporters.  Some partners now include  Summerland Baptist Church in Summerland, BC, New West Symphony & Chorus, all of whom have been a tremendous support.

Today, Father’s Heart Projects are in the process of completing three new classrooms, allowing them to support 400 orphaned and under-privileged children. They have reached over 2000 people through multiple medical camps over the years, and the core of the organization, child sponsorship, now exceeds 100 children.

“Please don’t ever underestimate the difference you can make with your prayers, time, and support!”

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