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There are great needs in Kenya. Please take the time to discover the opportunities there are to reach people in many impacting ways

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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child who desperately needs assistance from someone who will journey with them, and help give them hope for a better future.


There is a great calling for the support of widowed women, especially in developing nations. Father’s Heart Projects, through the ministry they are building in Kenya, are identifying the widows who are in need of support.



Medical Camps

A team of medical experts and volunteers have travelled to Kisumu on 4 different occasions. They perform examinations, distribute medication and purchase medical supplies while partnering with a medical firm in Kisumu. After a strong advertising effort, the team reached over 1000 people in 3 separate areas with the help of the Kondelle Deliverance Church, and worked to organize volunteers, raise money, and provide the facilities for the camps to operate in.


Father’s Heart Projects has a goal to dig a well to supply clean water the primary school and the community with clean drinking water. The well would be a commercial operation to support the school, and requires donations to purchase the equipment to operate the well, as well as to dig the well.


Building a greenhouse at the primary school site would be a great investment in as part of a continuing self-sustainability initiative with Father’s Heart Projects. Having a greenhouse at the primary school site provides fresh fruit and vegetables, and helps with the effect that inflation has on the cost of food.


One of the many challenges surrounding the location of the primary school is the rough roads. This puts a large cost on vehicle maintenance, and wears them out quickly. Covering vehicle costs for Father’s Heart Projects in Kisumu is a constant need.

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Made in Africa is an initiative from Father’s Heart Projects to create a self-sustainable community beyond the sponsorship programs of FHP.


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