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Help fund the construction and operation of two primary schools, that are currently playing an integral role in educating approximately 210 students. Make a donation of any size and help us reach our goal so we can complete construction of a new and larger school for these children.

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“Please don’t ever underestimate the difference you can make with your prayers, time, and support!”


In January 2009, Father’s Heart Projects launched their first Father’s Heart Primary School for 60 children from Kindergarten to Grade 3. In November of that year, they started construction of a new rural school which contains seven classrooms and approximately 150 students. Today, they continue to construct new classrooms and facilities, with the hope of being able to reach over 400 orphaned and under-privileged children.

Being the highest rated school for exam results, the school is among the top 10 schools in the district, and one of the best non-profit schools in the area. The schools are always in need of new chairs, desk, textbooks, supplies, and uniforms, as well as funds for the continued and ongoing expansion of the classrooms and facilities. Would you consider helping support our school projects in Kenya?

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