Our goal is to provide hope and a sustainable future for orphaned and disadvantaged children and widows.

Sponsor A Child

You can help a child gain better nutrition, education, medical care, and help improve their spiritual and emotional development by becoming a monthly sponsor.

Support A School

Help fund the construction and operation of two primary schools, that are currently playing an integral role in educating approximately 210 students.

Self-Sustainable Communities

Come along side and support the Kisumu, Kenya community in becoming self-sustaining through productive, local entrepreneurial endeavours.

  • The Current Focus

    Our current focus is to grow the chicken farm!

    We believe that once we have 5,000 chickens, we can support up to 1,000 children’s school expenses and related costs. Once the chicks become mature, they will produce eggs and a portion of the chickens sold in the local markets. For example, once we have 2,500 mature chickens, we can sell some of the eggs and the remaining portion of the eggs can be used to produce more chicks. The cycle continues until we reach a total of 5,000 chickens. Our local national partner, Pastor Jasper has supplied the land, fencing & labour. The labourers will include mature older students from our school. The total costs p/chick is only $10.00. This price includes the cost of the chick, its feed, any medicine it may require, and the cost of the coup materials.

  • And we’re off!

    A HUGE thank you to Paul Miles who kicked off the chicken farm with purchasing 400 chicks!!

  • Praise The Lord

    We are officially up to 1,200 chickens. Thank you everyone for your continued support, we are so excited to see this growth.

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